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Just a Moment :: Thirty Two

This feature has always been one of my favourites to write on Nishaantishu. I think if ever I gave up blogging completely, and I don't see that ever happening, but if I did I think I would still find some way to post Just a Moment posts - somewhere on the internet. 

I don't get around to writing them as often as I used to, mostly because they mean having my camera on hand at just the right moment which doesn't happen as often as I would like, but I made an extra effort this weekend and here are the results (it's a little Molly focused, but they usually are):

1. The ultimate photo-bomb. But just try and sit on the floor and avoid being sat on by this girl.

2. A few years ago I knit myself this massive scarf and it was just way too big to wear, but too small to use as a blanket. So Molly adopted it and sleeps with it every night, along with her teddy, because she's basically a human. 

3. Burning sage to see in the new winter season and clean out the cobwebs of the old. And then being slightly perplexed/concerned that I didn't set off the fire alarm in the kitchen. I should probably check on that.

4. These two. Words just can't...

5. Mulled wine! We got the last two cups left after a chilly walk with the dog on Sunday. The wind was so strong it was blowing Molly's ball all over the park and she kept losing it. But maybe that's because she needs a hair cut, she can't see anything through all that fur.





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