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Travels in Iceland :: Day One Driving Along the Coast

Our first experience with Iceland started in the dark. We flew in late on Wednesday night and drove to our airbnb muttering constantly “right side of the road, drive on the right side of the road”. The next morning we woke up and it was still dark! The sun doesn’t rise until about 10am this time of year, and if we had more time in Iceland I definitely would have pressed snooze.

Luckily for us we had our very own human alarm clock in my lovely friend Hrefna, who I met on my first day of uni ages ago. I let her in and we sat down on the bed (while Adam was still half asleep) excitedly catching up because we haven’t spoken much in about four years!

We got dressed, had coffee (and more catch ups) and let Hrefna take us where she wanted. It was exciting to have her show us around her home country and she took us south of Reykjavik on a drive to the coast to see some fishing villages. We pulled over every five minutes so I could snap photos of the lava fields covered in snow and pet every Icelandic horse within reach. Adam loved exploring some abandoned buildings, and the whole while Hrefna was educating us on everything from Icelandic history to the geography of the land and answering every question we had, such as why is that water so blue? How handy for us that she’s actually studying to be a tour guide!? So she really knows what she’s talking about.

Roadtripping is one of my favourite ways to travel, and visiting the south coast in winter was such a wonderful idea. Many roads around Iceland are closed in the winter, but this is a safe place to drive and it really gives you an idea for how sparsely populated the country is. And apparently it’s an area not often visited by tourists during the winter, so you’ll more than likely to have it to yourself.

More on Iceland soon!

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