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Travels in Iceland :: Day Two and the Northern Lights

It's quite important really that before you start reading this post, you click on over here and start listening to this album, and then picture yourself in a complete white-out.

Our second day in Iceland started much like our first, with coffee - but this time we had woken up to at least half a foot of snow! We took a morning stroll through Reykjavik with the snow falling all around us and made for Mokka as we had heard about their lattes and waffles. And just in case you were wondering, waffles aren't really eaten with a knife and fork in Iceland, you spread the jam on before cutting it in half and eating it like toast. Who knew!

Soon after breakfast we hopped in the car and left the city (and apparently the road) behind! We drove for about an hour out of the city listening to Ásgeirand the whole time it was snowing so hard we could barley see a thing - naturally we had to stop and take some photos in the snow.

When we were planning our trip to Iceland, Adam suggested we spend a night at the Ion Hotel. This took me by surprise as usually we don't bother with hotels, and since we like to travel a lot we are always on a budget - but I wasn't about to say no! And I'm so glad we decided to treat ourselves.

The rest of the day was spent soaking in the warm springs, hanging out in the sky bar (where they were also playing Ásgeir all evening) and eating a delicious dinner. Of course we were hoping to see the Norther Lights while we were outside the city, but we weren't holding our breath. The snow had subsided but the sky was still cloudy and the moon too bright, not exactly favourable conditions.

We stayed in the sky bar as long as we could, but eventually we gave up staring at the sky at went to bed. We slept with the curtains open because we weren't exactly worried about being woken up by light in the morning, and just as I was dropping off to sleep I opened my eyes for one last look and I saw a flicker of green across the sky.

Adam and I leapt out of bed and got dressed in a flurry of flying boots and scarves while I grabbed the keys and he grabbed the camera. We made it outside and waded through the snow for a bit until the lights finally came back, getting stronger and stronger by the minute. It was so beautiful and everything I expected it to be, though I will say that the long exposure of my photos captures a more vivid green than we ever saw with our eyes.

We fell asleep contented and so excited for the morning because Adam decided that we should go horse back riding for the first time together - on Icelandic horses! I've been riding for years while Adam has only ever sat on a horse once, and amazingly he was a natural!

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p.s. thank you all so much for your kind words about my post yesterday. xxx

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