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Just a Moment :: Twenty Five

This has been the most unexpected week. It's only Wednesday but it feels like Friday has come and gone so many times already. I've been sick and stuck in bed since Sunday and I can't remember the last time I was so ill, but the last time I remember having such a bad throat infection was when I was about twelve and I was off school for a week with my mum to take care of me. Now I've been off work for three days and have Adam take care of me in the evenings and Tania to bring me all the medicine and cheerful chats I could ever need.

I haven't touched my computer in four days, but luckily enough I have some extra photos to tide us over for a longer than usual Just a Moment post...

1:: The White Company sent over this delicious smelling candle and it has since been making our bedroom smell like spring. I've started lighting it first thing in the morning while I get ready for the day and it sets a very calm and relaxed mood. I've also been using their sent diffuser in my closet which I know not what you're meant to do with it, but it's giving all my clothes such a wonderful smell.

2:: I saw this woman exercising in the park and I really wanted to just clap and cheer her on. She didn't have any of the latest Nike gear, she wasn't in skin-tight anything, she was just power walking and stretching as she went because it was good for her (I assume) and the sun was shining.

3:: I met up with Adam and Molly on the lock near Cat and Mutton Bridge after their walk the other day, and found them both basking in the spring sunshine. 

4:: Me looking like I'm too cool for anything when in reality Adam caught me by surprise with the camera and I'm secretly wishing I had bothered to wash my hair before coming out. 

5, 6, 7, 8:: flowers flowers and more flowers. It gets to a point in the winter where we really don't want to voyage to Columbia Road Flower Market because it's just too cold, but now that it's warming up our little flat will be full of flowers once again.

9:: Molly striking a pose while walking through the market. She secretly hates going to the market because of the crowds, but I think she also kind of loves it because people are constantly stopping and telling her how beautiful she is.

10:: Siobhan stopped by unexpectedly the other day because she was shooting a wedding around the corner. When I realised I told her to come over for a cup of tea and she brought with her the brides bouquet. As it turns out the bride didn't want it and neither did Siobhan, so that's how I ended up with the bouquet of a bride I've never met in my living room. 

Just a few moments to hold on to while I lay curled up in bed wishing I could just be healthy again.

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