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Life Lately :: March Edition

Challenging :: myself to give up spending money for Lent. I haven't purchased anything that isn't food or the absolute necessities in nearly 40 days and guess what, I have saved NO money! Conclusion: London is expensive. Maybe it's time to move on?

Looking forward to :: traveling up to Lancashire to visit my mum for Easter. She's hardly ever there anymore so it'll feel nice to go up for a visit and see all the new born lambs and rabbits hopping all over the place.

Loving :: playing around with snapchat, I'm nishaantishu over there if you want to follow along. I like how you can't really polish what content you put on there, it's just crappy, real life, in the moment photos and videos. You don't get much more authentic than that! I'm a little scared for people to hear my actual voice, but I guess that's kind of what it's all about.

Planning :: some upcoming trips. India maybe? Probably. Trips for work are always a little touch and go. Also Pakistan if I can swing it. We'll see. Also Toronto, Hawaii, and who knows where else before the year is out.

Asking :: for the stuff that I want. Just putting some decisive requests out there to the world and seeing what I get back, and you know what? It works! I've been emailing this photographer I want to work with and I hadn't heard back in over a week, so I said (to myself, sat on the number 38 bus) "I really want to be able to work with so and so, I want him to email me back and I want it all to work out." Next day I had an email in my inbox. I guess if you don't ask you don't get, right? And guess what, I just found out I will actually in fact be working with him! I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Thinking :: about some upcoming weddings this year. As the weather gets warmer it's reminding me I've got some pretty great weddings coming up and I can't wait to see a few of my really good friends get married. Although since I'm not allowed to shop, goodness knows where I'm going to get a dress from.

Reading :: two books, Yoga Girl by Rachel Brathen, and It's What I Do: A Photographers Life of Love and War by Lynsey Addario. Or, at least I will be when my mum brings them back from Canada for me! I have been after these books for so long now and I'm super excited about the first one because you all know my love for Rachel Brathen, but I'm SUPER excited for the second one because I can't wait to read about how Lynsey Addario balances a normal life with a family, with constant travel as a photojournalist.

Eating :: Love Taza's chocolate chip cookies. They're pretty good! I baked about a million of them out of boredom when I was sick last week and though Adam and I had planned to share, we ate them all ourselves. Then today I baked some for work and they're a hit!

Struggling :: with Molly who is still going through a naughty phase. I don't know what has caused her to start ignoring us, but going from a super obedient dog to one that may in fact run away in the park is so weird! And scary, since people steal dogs in our local park.

Listening :: to RadioLab podcasts on my commute, have you heard of them? They're so interesting and I'm absolutely hooked! I've also been listening to This American Life,  Stuff You Should Know, and a one off podcast in English from OPodden which is an interview with Rachel Brathen - just when I thought I couldn't love her more. Now I finally know what that podcast app on my iphone is for!

Recovering :: from the flu, a two pulled tendons, a bad back, a bad neck, and all kinds of other horrible stuff my body has decided to throw at me. What is going on?!

Experimenting :: with homemade chai tea, I'll share the recipe soon if I can perfect it.

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