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Discovering New Things :: Friends and Food


41 Broadwick St, London, W1F 9QL

For a really long time now, Adam has been telling me about "the best hot chocolate in soho" and how we really need to go and try it. We did one afternoon, and since that moment I knew I had to bring two of the biggest chocolate lovers I know back to try it for themselves, Tania and Rosie. And one day the perfect opportunity arose! Sophie was in town and we all decided to get together so that Rosie and I could meet her, and also so she could shoot some photos for What to Cook - her amazing recipe site. Jason, Rosie's fiance, also came along to join in the fun and do a bit of wedding suit shopping.

Hands down, Said does in fact make the best hot chocolate in London. It's fresh and thick, not so rich that you can't drink loads but not for the fainthearted either. You can choose from milk, dark or a nutty chocolate, and you also choose a variety of toppings including chili and cardamom. They have cake of course, but they also serve lunch and dinner food so you can go there for dinner and dessert! Also they do a delicious chocolate spread which we sampled, and judging by Rosie's face it's pretty delicious...


12A Newburgh Street, London, W1F 7RR

I know that wine doesn't naturally follow on from hot chocolate, but I've done weirder things in the name of gathering content so off we headed to Antidote for an incredibly delicious array of cheese and charcuterie. If there's one thing I appreciate as much as a good hot chocolate, it's a good cheese board - and Antidote has just that along with a very long wine list. We proceeded to talk and talk for ages, and as Rosie, Tania and I all bonded over how much we over-share, lots of inappropriate conversation ensued. Rosie and I loved Sophie, as we knew we would, and it was all in all just a perfect day.

We carried on to Monicle for coffee and tea and in the midst of a conversation about unhealthy friendships and finding good friends, I turned to Rosie and said "don't days like this just make you so so happy to be alive?". A day full of your favourite foods, great new London finds, amazing old friends and new ones too - London life doesn't get much better than that.

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