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A Weekend in the New Forest

I spent the whole of this past weekend in the New Forest and it is now on my list of the best places to spend a weekend away in England. Let me just say that there are ponies EVERYWHERE! Residents need to have cattle grids in their driveways and pony-proof bins because there is every chance that you can wake up to find a pony standing on your front door step. I can imagine it would be a pain, navigating through your village when there's a pony chilling in the middle of the road, but it sounds like my idea of an ideal place to live.

My friends Eve, Emily, Sasha and I all made our way to the New Forest to see our friend Sarah get married and it was an absolutely beautiful wedding. We've all been friends for about five years and we always look forward to any opportunity that allows us to spend a weekend away together. It's usually non-stop laughter and near catastrophes because we're all a bit chaotic and clumsy - but we always end up with some exciting tales to tell.

We stayed near the village of Beaulieu and I woke up early the day after the wedding to photograph the magnolia tree outside our B&B - magnolias are my favorite spring flowers. After breakfast we went for a wander to spot some ponies (and donkeys). The weather was absolutely beautiful and with all the sunshine I have more than a few new freckles on my nose.

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