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Pooh Sticks and Ponies

On Sunday Eve and I had a 30th birthday BBQ to attend in the New Forest, but we had a bit of time to kill between checking out of our B&B and driving to the farm – so we decided to explore. With no signal on our phones and no real idea of where we were headed, we just started driving and eventually came across a public path.

It was clear blue skies but very windy and chilly, so we jumped out of the car and just started walking in search of a sunny but sheltered spot to sit and relax. We walked across some open fields with a few ponies watching us as we passed, before we came to this little bridge and sat with our legs over the side just chatting and watching the sun on the water.

Obviously when you’re alone in a field, sitting on a beautiful little bridge on a fairly windy day, a game of Pooh Sticks will naturally arise. The first game Eve won because the wind carried my stick away, but then every game after that our sticks landed on top of each other and crossed the finish line together. I guess that means we’re both winners – or just really bad at Pooh Sticks.

If you're unfamiliar with the game of Pooh Sticks, watch this clip.

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