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Simple Beauty

I am most definitely not a beauty blogger. Nor am I one to give advice on the best products out there at the moment, there are so many to choose from! The sheer number of products you can buy to apply to your face alone boggles my mind, and the way they are marketed makes me give the whole beauty industry the side-eye. I like to keep things simple - as in I can pack everything I need in one travel bag.

I do read beauty blogs however, because I think what some women can do with makeup is amazing! I'm just not one of those women, so I need to keep it limited to the essentials. Here’s what I’ve got that makes up my daily beauty routine:

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT!!! Daily SPF. I think I must have tried about fifty daily sun protection lotions over the years, and La Roche-Posay is the only one I have found that doesn’t feel heavy and greasy. It’s light, a little bit smelly but not too bad, and protects my face like a charm.

2. Dark spots be gone! Guys, I’m not going to lie, my skin is pretty sun damaged. I have never tanned, but freckles and sun spots run in my family and I’ve had a good few sun burns in my lifetime. Sure I have normal freckles, but if you look closely I’m starting to get blotches and it really sucks. Please refer back to point one. SPF!!! But for now this dark spot corrector is my best friend.

3. Eye cream, Midnight Recovery Eye by Kiehl’s. I always find it hard to see results with things like eye cream, but this one feels so wonderful on and does make my face feel over-all more fresh.

4. (not pictured) Kiehl's powerful wrinkle reducing moisturiser. I really believe this stuff works, but not as well as drinking lots of water - which I routinely fail to do.

5. Brow gel by MAC. I’m all over any kind of easy to apply makeup, and this brow accentor is the EASIEST.

6. Mascara by smashbox. What’s important to note is that this mascara is not waterproof, which means it runs off in the shower and doesn’t require any extra product purchases to get it off. Win!

7. Lipstick in electric pink, also by smashbox. All lip products make my lips peel, it’s awful. Most lipsticks are a no-go for me and it makes me really sad, but something about smashbox lipsticks are skin friendly and their colours are amazing. Perhaps my all time favourite makeup product!

8. Again from smashbox, this primer is pretty neat. I’ve been using this sample for a while because a little goes a long way, and I may end up buying a full sized one soon! I don’t put any foundation on top, I just use the primer, and it makes my face look pretty smooth.

9. Blackberry and Bay perfume, it smells gorgeous and lasts such a long time. Jo Malone perfumes in general are really lovely.

Also, the necklace is from Madewell, the bracelet is from Momosan and the watch was my grandmothers – I wear all three mostly every day along with my wedding ring. 

*I always get comments saying how fresh my face looks, which is so wonderful! But just remember that most bloggers use Photoshop – me included. I don’t re-touch my face or my body to hide any bits I don’t like (not even my dark spots), but I like to shoot with a lot of light and sometimes lighten things even more when editing. All this can often blow out any imperfections in the face.

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