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Winter Sleep

I think I write a post about this every year, but every year during the winter I seem to drift off into a sort of walking sleep, and only realise I've been just half awake when the sun comes out for spring. I've never handled winter very well at all, even when I was little in Canada I would cry waking up in the morning when it was still dark and freezing. I hate being cold, with every little bit of myself I hate it so so much.

Now that I'm older I've learned to deal with it by just switching off. It no longer gets me down like it used to, but I certainly don't thrive under grey skies with freezing fingers. I know no one likes being cold, and winter gets everyone down, but there's something about it that just causes me to sleep walk from about February to April. I'm not my best self, and I hate that.

Over Easter Adam and I drove up to Lancashire to spend some time with my mum. She's so rarely in the UK anymore that we took the opportunity to head on out into the country to have some down time. I took lots of baths, slept almost eleven hours a night and went for lots of long walks with Molly and my camera. I even spoke into a camera for the first time EVER on snapchat, which was exciting and also a terrifying realisation of what I look like when I speak.

Today I'm back to normal life, and still coming out of my winter cocoon, but I no longer feel asleep and I'm really looking forward to warmer times ahead.

Happy spring everyone, we made it!

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