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Just a Moment :: Twenty Six

These past two weeks I have spent my weekends outside of the city, and in the gorgeous countryside. Two weeks ago I was in Lancashire, last week was the New Forest, and this weekend it will be my sofa - and I'll tell you right now I'm not moving from there.

I love traveling around the countryside, but I always look forward to a weekend where I have plans that involve just coffee or dinner with good friends, and hanging around with Adam the rest of the time. I'm going to watch more Game of Thrones, read some books, do some yoga, write some posts... it's going to be glorious.

But from the past two weeks, here are some wonderful moments that really stood out as making my life extra wonderful...

1. Finding this photo on my hard drive last night from a few weeks ago. So often I dismiss my photos as not being good enough to post, and then when I come across them at a later date I'm shocked that it's my photo - it's better than I thought! I guess for me they get better with age or something.

2. This evening light in my mum's back garden. And those flowers.

3. Cream cheese swirl brownies. Whoever thought of putting cheese and brownie mix together should be proclaimed as the second messiah. 

4. These two little calves snoozing on each other. Every day I feel like I'm fighting a losing battle against vegetarianism. And then I know it'll be a slippery slope to becoming vegan. I've already cut back on most meat and dairy in my daily life and maybe that'll be enough for me, but I'm not sure how I'll find the willpower to commit. We'll see.

5. This smug look on Molly's face that just says "you know some of that mud on my feet is going to be sheep poop, right? Lolz for you."

A few other things from around the internet lately...

:: I LOVED this article on living with adult ADHD by Wit & Delight. When I was a kid the diagnosis of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder) along with medication was thrown at every kid who was fidgety or didn't learn in the same way the school system said they should. These days I think we know more about it, but it was interesting to read something from the perspective of someone who has it.

:: I discovered this blog last month, and while I'm not often taken by fashion blogs (there are a few I love but not loads), I've really been enjoying Sarah Mikaela's. 

:: This love letter by Paul Éluard read by Clémence Poséy. Makes me swoon.

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