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My Favourite Places to Visit in Lancashire

It has to be said that Lancashire must be my favourite county in England. It's so green and beautiful, rolling hills and plenty of seaside for dog walking. It just feels so moody and full of history everywhere you look - it makes me want to pull out my copy of Jane Eyre and cuddle up with a cup of tea by the fire (ok I know that's Yorkshire, but you get my point).

I lived there for two years after finishing uni and I loved (almost) every minute of it. I've posted about visiting my mum in Lancashire in several posts previously, but I don't think I've ever done a summary of my favourite places to spend time. So here it is, some of my top choices for things to see, do and eat in and around Lancashire:

Wolfhouse Gallery in Silverdale :: we usually go here to stop and have some cake before taking Molly for a long walk on the beach. They do amazing hot chocolate and though it seems to have changed hands over the years, the food is still delicious. The beach can be a little tricky to navigate with the tides and the occasional patch of quick sand, but you can keep to the shore and stay pretty safe. Molly loves it!

Swaledale Woolens in Muker :: Adam swears by these woolen jumpers, and the drive to Muker is exceptionally beautiful. It's the tiniest town you can imagine, but it's good for a walk through and a stop at the tea shop where they do a mean welsh rarebit.

The Tan Hill Inn :: also near Swaledale, and it just happens to be Great Britain's highest Inn - latitude wise I mean. It's a pretty cool pub to visit and it's always full of people walking through the hills from one end of the North Yorkshire Dales to the other. Sometimes they even have a sheep or two walking around, taking a keen interest in your chips. 

Beacon Fell :: is also one of our favourite walks. It's in a remote country park and a favourite spot for everyone to flock to when it's not raining. It's very dog friendly and next to Silverdale it's probably Molly's second favorite walk. Ours too!

The Inn at Whitewell :: is a beautiful place to go for lunch or dinner, or just a drink. It has some stunning views and is very old country house atmospheric. You can sit by the fire with dogs at your feet and drink a pint or two while reading the paper. It can get quite busy, but it's good for an early or late lunch - I've always wanted to stay there but I haven't yet. It's all very P G Wodehouse. 

Honeywells :: if you're looking for the best roast chicken you've ever had in your life, buy one of Honeywell's organic chickens to roast at home. You will not regret it.

The Three Fishes :: another delicious restaurant selling lots of local specialties using nothing but locally grown produce. Everything from their cheese to their veggies is from Lancashire. 

There is of course a lot more to Lancashire and the neighbourig counties than this (such as the Lake District), but when I go and visit my mum for a long weekend we usually do two or three things on this list as they've become our firm favourites over the years. 

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