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When Your Confidence Takes a Nose Dive

It happens to all of us. One minute we’ve got a plan, we feel excited about it, we know what we want and we know how we’re going to get it. The next minute we’re feeling a bit flat, maybe a little tired, and then the “what if’s” start creeping in and suddenly we’re left wondering what the hell we’re doing, and how we’re ever going to get it done.

I’ve been suffering from a lack of confidence for a few months now. I’ve been waking up in the morning and hardly recognising myself, I look more stressed and tired than I ever have before. A few weeks ago I realised I couldn’t keep up with the pace of everything that I had given myself to do, and I felt like I was letting myself down in everything I did. I didn’t want to give anything up, but none of my projects were working out the way I wanted!

Have you ever found yourself in this situation?

Here’s a few things I am doing to help myself get out of my confidence rut:

1. Talk to someone who does what you do, and gets it – general advice and words of encouragement are always lovely to hear, but sometimes you want something much more specific. Seek out friends who can take a look at your situation and give you practical advice and tips on how to improve or alleviate some pressure. This is the one tip that has helped me the most, having people in my life that can help me see clearly when my lack of confidence is playing keep-away with my logic.

2. Re- think your schedule – try taking a look at the way you are working and completely change it around. I guess this kind of translates into, work smarter, not harder. Write down all you do and when you normally do it, and try switching it up. I have a blogging routine and I’ve been struggling to keep up with it lately, not because it’s too much but because I try to squeeze it in around other things. I’m trialing a different way of working for a few weeks, and maybe I’ll find that easier. If not, I’ll take another look and maybe change it up again.

3. Get specific – take some time to get to the bottom of what it is that makes you feel bad about yourself. Something is obviously causing some trouble in your life and it’s all too easy to blame it on yourself saying “it’s all in my head”, or “I just need to be stronger”. For me I don’t often realise what my problem is right away, it takes me a while to recognise that I’m following a worn out routine without seeing that it doesn’t work anymore, or I’m saying “yes” to too many projects when I should be more choosey. Auto-piolet is an easy way of life to fall into, but not many people can sustain a “work all day every day” ethic – I can’t and that’s been my problem lately. I’ve set myself such a hectic schedule that I now find myself feeling guilty when I’m not working.

Down-time? What’s that? Remind me how it works again?

Getting my confidence up and keeping it there is something I have to work on every day, it doesn’t come naturally to me and I don’t think it does for many other people. And I think that’s ok because modern life is hectic, and we set ourselves up to achieve a lot.

Confidence is a work in progress.

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