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The Rope Swing

On the weekends when the weather is nice and the ground not too damp, we like to pile in the car with biscuits and water and make our way to Epping Forest to give Molly a run around. She loves it there, I think it may be her favourite place on earth. But if we're being honest, we go for ourselves as much as for her. The longer I live in London the more I feel the need to get out of London, not forever, but just for that immersion into nature and fresh air that you just don't get from commuting, office life and after-work drinks.

And then, if we're being really honest, we actually go for the rope swing... We don't follow the path when we hit the forest, we follow the river or the tree-line and always always end up at the rope swing.

On this occasion Adam and I brought Tania along because I know she needs some space and fresh air as much (if not more) than most - she's a country girl at heart. And I knew she would love the rope swing too - who wouldn't?

It makes my heart so happy to see Adam having fun with my friends. I was trying to get to the bottom of why it fills my heart with so much joy to see him pushing Tania on the swing, or jumping in to say "hi" and give boy advice to my friends while we're skyping on the weekends - but it's just one of those things. He doesn't click with all my friends, some are a bit much for him, but if we're hanging out and he starts making fun of you, you know you've made it into that special group that he'll want to invite along on forest adventures.

And Molly will just love everyone. Give her cuddles for about five second and she'll be yours forever.

We're already making plans to come back to Epping Forest several times this summer, for walks and picnics and time away from the city. You never really realise how much you need to immerse yourself in nature until you're there and you feel your heart filling up and your mind clear like it never can when you're in the city.

*photos of me, Adam and Molly by Tania

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