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Life lately, June edition.

Sometimes it's nice to have a post about nothing in particular, just a random assortment of what’s been going on lately and all those little moments in between – which add up to so much really. It brings me back to the days of when I first started to blog and I would dump the contents of my brain on the internet like it was no big deal.

So much has happened since my last catch up post. First there was India… did you follow along on Snapchat? Goodness I am loving snapchat, and I LOVED sending little snippets from India. I actually got that tingle of excitement every time I posted a snap, an overwhelming urge to shout into my phone “guys can you believe this?!?” when I was hanging out the side of a train at 6am, or watching monks chant at the top of a mountain. I was so happy to share that experience with you, completely unedited and unfiltered. My last few days in India I was without wifi and one day I actually went onto roaming to upload snaps because I didn’t want to lose them – I’m fairly sure I’ll shed a few tears when my phone bill comes in at the end of this month. Also, on another day I bought a few things from a shop that I completely didn’t need, just so the shop manager would let me log onto his wifi – all to upload snaps! If only they would last a little longer…

Arriving back from India, I was so excited to be home. Adam had done a big spring clean, Molly had a new haircut, and everything was right with the world. Until! I came down with a rubbish cold. It came and went pretty quickly, but it left me feeling a little flat so I’m drinking lots of cold tea infused water, green smoothies and getting lots of sleep. My first night back from India I slept for 12 hours straight! Unheard of.

Another exciting thing to mention is that Molly has finally learned how to swim! This did not come naturally to her and she was really afraid of the water for a long time, but now she loves it. Loves it! You can’t keep her out of any pond now, no matter how murky and disgusting. She loves to swim after the ducks who frankly couldn’t give a toss and barely make an effort to get out of her way because she’s so slow. But she is clearly very proud of herself and it’s hilarious to watch as she tries to get the hang of keeping her legs under water and not trying to swim with them all out of the water – you would have to see this to believe it.

Other than relaxing after an intense trip, I’ve been catching up with friends, planning lots of posts to go up here on the blog, editing photos (on my fancy new computer) for my work portfolio, and working on getting back into some sort of exercise and healthy eating routine. I have to say, the weather I came back to in London was not the best – it’s so cold! I know I can’t compare it to an India heat wave, but I’m wearing a jumper and slippers right now where I would like to be in shorts and a t-shirt. Sort yourself out, sunshine!

Also I'm trying to figure out what's going on with my hair these days. Should I keep it short? Grow it out again? Fringe? Who knows.

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