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The Friday Edit

A place for those little things and thoughts in between.

This beautiful film, Dotty. It's so sweet, and sad, and simple. 

Trying some Aesop samples in my local Broadway Market shop - the face oil! I need it!

Intending stuff! Ché mentioned the whole manifesting what you want in life to me a while ago and guys - it's a real thing! I think that I may have intended a whole new (to us) iMac into the house!

Weekly wine and catch-ups at Pinch are quickly becoming routine.

Friends having babies, I just love it every time someone I care about brings something so beautiful into the world. And I know I'm bias, but I think my friends make the cutest babies.

My new lunch pot, because no one can mistake this one for their own and take it home with them. 

Making more plans that involve plane rides and friends, because just try and stop me!

Another beautiful film, Denali. Hug your dog and grab some tissues. 

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The Friday Edit

Simple stylings.