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Chef's Table on Netflix - have you seen it? This episode was my favourite, it is beautifully filmed and caused Patagonia to rocket to the top of my bucket list. Weirdly it also made me feel excited about taking risks and following dreams - a pretty remarkable thing for a cooking show!

Mystery Show - a fun new podcast about solving mysteries the old fashioned way.

Do you suffer from obsessive thinking? I do and it drives me (and sometimes those closest to me) up the wall. I found this article really helpful. Obviously the hard part is remembering to actually do those things...

Editing photos all week, all day long listening to Brené Brown talks on YouTube. Very therapeutic.

Because I love a good bandwagon, I jumped in and bought myself a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying. If my life is changed, I'll let you know.

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Life lately, June edition.

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