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In the tea gardens of Himachal Pradesh.

I know deciding to do a photo shoot after a 15 hour overnight train journey, four hours in the car and a few more in the field, makeup free and exhausted isn't the obvious choice - but the light, and the tea garden! Thunder started rolling overhead and a few raindrops found their way through the canopy of trees - it was now or never really. One or two cups of heavily sweetened chai and I was ready to go.

Basic T from GAP :: A-Line Skirt from American Apparel

As I mentioned in my last post, arriving in Palumpur was such a relief. After the heat and craziness of Delhi and Lucknow, the mountains and tea plantations of Dharamshala were a welcome change. It was so quiet when we arrived at our hotel in the late afternoon, the light filtered through the pine trees and became so soft with the pollen falling down from above, my room had a balcony that looked out onto the mountains - it was just pure peace. 

This is what I love about traveling, and especially work travel: it takes you out of your head and allows you to forget your ego for just a little bit. Doing a shoot like this is usually difficult for me - I stress and beat myself up about every little thing from my hair to my sandals. But in this situation, I just ran to my room to get my camera, set it up and handed it to Jamie who snapped away for a few minutes like it was no big deal. And it didn't feel like a big deal.

This skirt and top is basically my down-time uniform when I'm working overseas. It's simple, comfortable, and modest enough that you can wear it in most places without hassle. You can style it up if you have meeting, or chuck on a floaty top to make it a little more comfortable. 

And on a side note, a full basket of tea leaves is really heavy! You're actually meant to carry it with a strap around your head, a lady working in the tea garden showed me how to do it, and we all had a good laugh when I could barely hold it up.

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A night to relax.

Snapshots of India, two.