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Mango and Mint Smoothie.

Lately we have been really into smoothies for breakfast. I say we, but it's mostly Adam that makes them and puts them out for me to take to work. They act as the perfect breakfast because they're nothing but good for you and they keep you filled up until lunchtime. And they are perfect for those who, like me, are lazy about eating all that is good and nutritious. 

Since the mangoes seem to be at their most delicious this time of year, we make sure to always keep a few around the house for snacking and smoothies. I'm not sure where the mint came from, but one day Adam put into my hand the most delicious smoothie I have ever had - mango and mint.

Do you like a smoothie in the morning? Since buying this smoothie maker, it's all we ever eat and I have been feeling so much healthier for getting a good dose of raw fruit and veg every day. If you're into smoothies, try out this recipe!

Mango and Mint Smoothie

- one perfectly ripe mango.

- a small handful of fresh mint leaves.

- half a banana.

- a small handful of blueberries.

- a teaspoon of your favourite superfood - I used wheatgrass.

- half a teaspoon of chia seeds if you have them, for extra energy.

- a cup of coconut water, or other juice - you can even use almond milk.

Blend and enjoy!



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