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The Friday Edit

A place for those little things, and thoughts in between.

It's been such a great week around here! From Friday to Friday we've had a wedding, some amazing sunny weather, some pizza - basically everything that makes life great.

I just wanted to start off by saying a big thank you for your kind words on my last post. It's so great to have so many wonderful people to relate to, and to know that we're not alone in our funny personality traits and odd habits.

Also, did you catch our takeover of Rosie's instagram on her wedding day? Tania and I had so much fun - though having said that, instagramming from someone else's account is a very weird feeling!

We had a lot of Taylor Swift dance parties in the car this week. It was kind of awesome. 

I need to get packing tonight because I've got a long haul flight on Sunday to get ready for! Are you following me on Snapchat? I've been a bit quiet on there since India but I'm hoping to show you some more adventures next week - if I have wifi that is! Search Nishaantishu if you want to add me.

Also, an impromptu pizza and prosecco night last night was the perfect way to spend a Thursday evening. 

See what I mean about it being a good week? Hope you have a wonderful weekend. 





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