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Just a Moment :: Thirty

Just a few moments I managed to record lately that make me smile.

1. This dog. Isn't she just a little bit silly? She is such a cuddle monster I sometimes can't believe how much she just wants to be in your lap at all times. She must think she's a lit smaller than she is beause when she sits on you she takes up an awful lot of space.

2. Grabbing lunch at Healthy Stuff, our favour Dalston cafe. We don't come here much anymore because there are other places a lot closer to our house, but it will always remind me of when we fist moved to Hackney. We didn't have loads of money, so going out for a coffee once a week felt like a real treat.

3. Walking around the streets of London with Adam can sometimes be a real hazard. He's obsessed with buildings, history and how neighbourhoods come together. You can't walk ten steps without him directing your gaze in every which direction, sometimes several at once, telling you to look at how amazing that building is or wondering what it was originally bilt for. We usually end up getting confused, walking into each other and tripping over Molly's lead.

4. We found poutine in Brick Lane! If you don't know what poutine is, book yourself a ticket to Canada, pronto!

5. I've probably done a just a moment photo for this one in the past, but E5 Bakehouse in the London Fields railway arches makes the best eclairs.






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