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The Friday Edit

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Pakistan! Did you catch my trip on Instagram and Snapchat? It was intense. I was only there from Sunday to Thursday, sleeping less than five hours a night and working constantly - but it was amazing. Can't wait to share some photos in a post!

The highlight of the week was definitely shooting down in a coal mine. One of my most challenging travel experiences so far! And definitely the most challenging place I have ever photographed.

Catching some amazing sunrises and sunsets.

Such kind comments from friends, family and internet friends about my work. I often bypass pride in myself and my work, and pride in myself for putting myself in the situations that I do to get the photos that I get. I just don't really stop to think about it. It's such a great feeling to get a reminder once in a while that it's good to be proud of yourself sometimes.

Road-side cups of chai and paratha for breakfast. So delicious, probably because of all the butter and sugar.

Meeting some amazing people - from vets to coal miners. Getting to talk to people who live a life that is so very different from my own is an experience I will never get tired of.

Asking my friend Ashleigh for advice on what to wear in the more rural parts of Pakistan, and hearing the words "frumpy tunic" said in a Glaswegian accent. Also wearing said frumpy tunic and a headscarf for three days straight - not fun. I have a new found respect for women who have to cover up at all times, even in 45 degree heat and swampy humidity.

Having a lunch time Byron burger date with Adam today. He doesn't often come to my neck of the woods during the day and we never get to each lunch together, so it felt like such a special treat.





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