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Just a Moment :: Thirty One

Just a few moments from the past couple of weeks that have made me extra happy.

1. The first day of holidays face! A whole week off and I couldn't be happier.

2. Brand new trainers to kick me into shape. After doing a Nike running test I found out that I have seriously messed up feet - so these are the most orthopaedic trainers you can buy with extra supports.

3. Ramen and catch ups with friends passing through London. I have had so many visitors lately, and so have been eating out loads. Very delicious, but I'm definitely going to be putting those new trainers to use soon.

4. Aesop samples and dreaming over what products I'm going to buy when my birthday/Christmas rolls around.

5. Coffee dates with this beauty. Stacey and I have been orbiting around each other and our mutual interests for a while now, and we've only just started catching up over coffee and talking about everything from business ideas to how much we both love dogs.





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