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For those sunny autumn days.

Ok I guess I'm finally ready to give in to autumn. As if I have a choice, right? Lucky for autumn it is the most beautiful of all the seasons, bringing with it all those glorious things that go with colder weather like wrapping up in blankets and warming your hands around that second fancy coffee you just bought "to warm up", not because you're greedy. 

But there's something I love about September, where the odd sunny day (like today!) is mixed in with the chill and we can get away with wearing those warmer dresses without tights - you know the kind that master that casual autumnal feel without much effort?

That's why I love an outfit like this, it works better if you just chuck it on and walk out the door. There aren't many dresses out there that require zero buttoning, ties, belts or snaps to keep it in place and as far as I'm concerned, the less time I have to spend getting ready to leave the house, the better. I second guess myself so much when it comes to style that it's nice to have that option taken away from me in a dress that is best left to its own devices. 

Walking around Toronto, wearing it on the flight home, dressing it up for work or shoving it in your backpack when you're heading out on your travels - it kind of works however you want it to.

My friend Katie took these photos when we were wandering around the city in August and they are making me so nostalgic for my old neighborhoods and my oldest friends. Autumn in Canada is the best, it's so beautiful and just thinking of it is getting me in the mood for colder weather.

That's the thing about autumn, it has a certain romanticism to it that as reluctant as I am to leave summer behind, I can easily talk myself around to looking forward to fall in one blog post.





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