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Hello Weekend

Last Friday I was sitting having coffee and working over my laptop when I got a shiver of excitement and exclaimed "this weekend is going to be SO MUCH FUN!!!!". Rosie and Tania, who were sitting close and by now are used to my occasional outbursts, both smiled and said "yup, it is."

And it was!



It all started on the Friday night when I took the girls to Pinch, my favourite wine bar in Hackney. I knew they would love how tiny and relaxed it is, just as much as I do. And just like me, I knew they would also be happy with one leisurely glass of wine before heading home to cook macaroni and cheese and spend the rest of the evening cuddling Molly on the sofa. 

Cheers to finding friends who can no more handle their booze than you can! Tea over wine any day.

Later in the evening Maja turned up to stay for the weekend. I had forgotten to tell her that Rosie and Tania would be over, so when she knocked on the window to be let in (one day we really should fix that doorbell), she must have been a little surprised to see Tania and Rosie staring back at her. But we all settled in to a long night of eating, tea and chatting while Molly went from person to person, making sure they all got their fare share of being flopped on.

Next morning we headed to Dishoom because it's always our brunch spot of choice. I love the ambiance, the food, and bottomless chai is what I live for - the best I've ever managed is five cups in one sitting, but this time I'm sorry to say I only managed four. 

The naan egg roll is the most delicious, followed closely by the porridge! Porridge isn't usually my first choice when going out for brunch, but this one was delicious and I would highly recommend it. 



The rest of the day was spent wandering home through brick lane, just Tania, Maja and I because Rosie had to head home. We stopped in a few shops, waded through a crowded Broadway Market and picked up a few things for dinner. We were still feeling a bit weighed down by a macaroni and cheese dinner plus a Dishoom brunch, so something a bit lighter was in order. 

We had some mussels with sourdough for dipping, a salad with grilled peaches, wild mushrooms and halloumi, a few figs chucked in for good measure along with some rocket. Pretty impressive for an off the cuff dinner, wouldn't you say? 

And have I mentioned that we don't have a table? But we do have a pull out sofa bed, so poor Maja's bed became our dinner table and we had a living room picnic. After which I broke out my three favourite movies which neither Tania or Maja had ever seen.

It's a tough choice, but after watching the trailers they opted for Dan in Real Life over Obvious Child and Away We Go and we all settled in on the sofa-bed/dining room table for nail painting, moving watching and more Molly cuddles (because frankly you can't avoid them, if you're sitting still, that dog will sit on you).



The final part of this perfect weekend was spent going for a walk, then getting in bed again, watching the last two movies, skyping with family, baking cookies and lighting candles. When I arrived home on Friday I was handed a package from my neighbor containing the most clean smelling candle I have ever sniffed - I smells like new house and cologne. Turns out this autumn is The White Company's 21st Birthday! And they made a candle to celebrate - what a wonderful idea. And lighting it on Sunday afternoon was the perfect end to the perfect weekend.





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