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Making a change

Things have changed around here a bit, so I thought I should write a post to explain why.

I love my blog, I love blogging, and I love making connections with so many lovely people all across the world through comments, emails, and tweets. I look back on where I started and how I’ve grown and I’m really proud! My blog has taught me the meaning of truly working hard for something that I love. It has introduced me to new friends who are now more like family. It has turned me into a photographer which is now my career! It has made me more ambitious, accountable, and thoughtful about what I put out into the world. It truly has brought so much into my life and I couldn’t be more grateful.

But since I started blogging my life has changed so much. I started a lifestyle blog when I was new to London and working as a fundraising assistant. I had just moved in with Adam and we were living in a three bedroom flat with five people. I remember my flatmates making fun of me and I kept it such a secret from everyone I knew. Now it’s an everyday part of my life and has shaped who I am in so many ways.

I’ve always tried to be very genuine on Nishaantishu, but as my work as a photographer and contend editor started to become a bigger part of my life I made the decision to keep that separate from what I posted here. While I did mention a few things from my work trips, but I never posted about the real reason I was traveling or any of my work photos. And as travel started to take up more of my time and my work photography began to take over from my lifestyle photography, the gap between my blog and my real life started to widen. And it really didn’t feel right.

I was holding myself back so much and it did not make me very happy. 

But our strength as people lies so much in being ourselves and living in a way that feels right, even if it doesn't make sense at first.

That’s why I have brought my blog and portfolio together - check out the links in the navigation bar. It’s also why I have been posting more of my work photos on Instagram lately and why you will probably see a mix of that content on here in the future. I don’t want to give up blogging about weekends at home and out with friends, but I also want to blog more about what it’s like to travel to these rarely visited places and tell more stories from the road.

I’m excited for the future and adventures to come, and I hope you are looking forward to it as much as I am!

As for the design, I built it myself and I think it looks a bit rough around the edges. It may change a bit in the next few months but one thing that will always stay the same is that Nishaantishu is now at home with freyadowson.com. 

I hope you like adventure, because it's on its way.






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