Find Me on YouTube

I don't even know where to start! Personally I can't even believe that I went ahead and set up a YouTube channel, and then even posted a film! But it happened and I did, and it feels really good - if a little scary.

I love blogging and I love the community that's grown here over the years, it's been a long journey and many of you guys will have seen me just starting to learn how to use a camera! Some of you will have followed along here before it even entered my mind that I would be a photographer.

Over the years, talking to you guys has become such an important part of my life - whether here or on instagram, even twitter sometimes if I feel like I have something clever to say (which isn't very often). While I'll still share my photos and adventures here, I've always been the sort of person who prefers to have a conversation - I'd much rather have a chat than send an email for example. So in that way I guess YouTube makes sense. Although shooting and editing footage is no joke - the above took me most of one whole day!

I really enjoyed it though so I'm hoping to do a lot more of it in the future.

Anyway, have a watch, subscribe if you like (please do) and let me know what you think!