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Cabin Life

Unless you break up routine, days can easily flow seamlessly up here without too much to distinguish one from the next. And that's the best part about it. It sounds monotonous, but it isn't, it's such a relief. For a short time, there's no friction, no surprises, no deadlines, and rain or shine you know that the only responsibility you have is to make the most of each day - and the only person you're responsible to for that is yourself. 

At Adam's family cottage there are two beaches on either side to choose from, and on this visit we spent most days planted firmly in the sand, reading books and playing with babies. We used the Lovin Summer shade from Bear&Bear to keep out of the sun, and as much use as it was for the kids, I think Friday the Dog was the biggest fan.

{she just bided her time until it was unoccupied and moved in like it was no big deal}

I spent some time with a different sort of baby when I found this little red squirrel - or rather, it found us. As cute as it was, it broke my heart a little. It clearly didn't know that people were to be avoided, he was desperate to climb up and sit on a person any way it could manage, and kept chasing me through the woods and along the beach just trying to get as close as possible.

I carried it in my t-shirt out into the forest and left it on a log, making sure it had some food and trying not to touch him too much, even though my heart was breaking to wrap it up and keep in warm and safe. Every time I put it back it would chase me along the path just trying to catch up, and Adam had to remind me that leaving it was the right thing to do, and that I wasn't doing it any favours by encouraging it's attachment to people. But I was kept awake at night worrying about it, and how it would survive acting more like a house pet than a wild animal. We never saw it after that, and sometimes I still worry about where it is and how it's doing. 

Apart from the odd lost baby animal, most days are about eating, swimming, and making the most of chatting in person instead of over Skype. Catching up on all things from the celebrations to the daily routines that you don't always get to know about when you live countries away from each other. 





You'll find me at the lake.

From sunset to sunrise, Canada.