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From sunset to sunrise, Canada.

I've been deliberating over how to share our time in Canada here for a few days, and I've decided to go chronologically - keep it simple. So let's start with the travel: one taxi, tube, train, flight, road-trip and boat ride later later, we arrived at the cottage on the lake feeling sleepy and content. Full of roadside poutine and the realisation that we're getting better and better at handling jetlag, we stayed up to watch the sunset and catch up with family, and woke up just in time for the perfect sunrise. 

This trip to Canada was the first time that Adam and I had met baby Charlie, the latest addition to the family. So the first thing we did when we woke up was have a cuddle with him while we drank our coffee and waited for the wood-burning fire to heat up the cottage.

Adam hilariously (and I say that with only a mild touch of sarcasm) bought his three year old nephew this book as a present - so I would love to say that it was the soft chirping of birds and rustling of woodland creatures that roused us from bed, but it was actually the loud squeaks of a little voice yelling "POO BUM!!". 

Most mornings at the cottage look like this. Lounging around in pyjamas, making endless cups of coffee until everyone has had their fill, porridge for breakfast or maybe pancakes, and then that moment when you realise that maybe it's time to go outside...





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