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How to make chai tea.

Guess where I’m traveling to this weekend! It’s not a secret, if you follow me on Instagram my profile completely gives it away. But if you need even more of a hint, this recipe might help.

I love chai, especially when it’s really spicy. It warms me up, peps me up, and tastes so delicious – there’s nothing else like it.

Dishoom is hands down my favourite place in London for brunch and their chai is beyond delicious. I usually average three cups in about an hour, but my record is five in an hour and a half. I’m completely addicted, but it’s bottomless so what choice do I have!?

Eventually I realised that if I was going to feed my chai habit I wouldn’t be able to rely on Dishoom, if I could move in I would but I can’t so it was up to me to make my own chai.

Everything about making chai is seasoned to taste, I can tell you the spices to use but it takes a lot of experimentation to come up with your perfect combination so just keep trying until you figure out what works for you. Here’s the way I like it:

Chai Tea

- One mug of fresh whole milk.

- One half a mug of water.

- Some black tea leaves or a tea bag, I used a teaspoon and a half of Darjeeling 2nd flush sent to me by JING.

- One teaspoon of black peppercorns.

- A finger length of cinnamon bark (don’t use the powder).

- A thumb sized piece of ginger sliced finely.

- Five cardamom pods.

- Five whole cloves

- Two teaspoons of brown sugar, or one and a half of agave.

Warm your milk through gently and add all your ingredients but the sugar. Turn up the heat a little until it’s all steaming, then turn it down so that it is steaming but not bubbling. If it gets so hot that it bubbles, it can burn the milk.

Leave it warming on a low heat for 20-25 minutes or until the flavour comes through as strong as you like it, then strain into your mug and discard the spices. Add the sugar and stir until it's mixed in.

Best enjoyed in peace and quiet, watching the world go by.

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