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Just a Moment :: twenty eight

I'm back from India having had a great trip, London is looking beautiful in the summer sun, and everything feels right with the world. 

I have so many photos to edit and share with you - I went to some amazing places, trekked up the side of a mountain (or tried to), hung out the side of a train, cuddled with some foals, had an altercation with goat, and popped in to pay a quick visit to the Dalai Lama's temple. I was so happy I could share it all with you on snapchat and instagram when I had decent wifi, and I have lots more to share here on the blog, but for how here's a few moments from the past ten days

Foals in India

1. Getting a peek inside a traditional Indian home put together with sand and slate. Everywhere we went people were so friendly and accommodating, always smiling, always willing to chat, and almost always keen to pose for a photo. 

2. Getting to visit the Dalai Lama's temple in McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala. I had no idea we would be filming so close to where he lives and because we finished work in the early afternoon, the India team drove us up to the temple to take a look around. There are no cameras allowed inside but of course people brought them in anyway. I took a few photos on my phone and I shared a couple on Instagram, but I can tell you that the temple is very simple - a yellow compound with a lot of monks and some amazing mountains views. The town itself is pretty touristy, but it has some beautiful mountain views.

3. This lamb who was just one big floppy ball of fuzz. Someone bent down and scooped him up and put him in my arms where he just sat resigned with a 'I get this all the time' kind of attitude - I asked Jeremy to take a photo because it's not every day you get to cuddle something so ridiculously cute.

4. This kid drinking his milk out of a cup with a spoon. Because there's a time in everyone's childhood where we all preferred to drink out of a cup with a spoon.

5. We visited some families in Himachal Pradesh and came across these slabs of stone with faces carved on them. It turns out that in that particular village, when someone dies without children, they carve a stone for them and put it together with the other stones so that they will never be forgotten when they don't have family to remember them.

6. Walking across this rickety wooden swing bridge in a slate mine. It was very rocky and the boards creaked alarmingly, but crossing it made me feel like Indiana Jones so it was totally worth it.

7. This mule foal. I think if I had given him the chance he would have cuddled up in my lap for a nap. Every time I stopped scratching behind his ears he would start biting me in protest.

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Snapshots of India.

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