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Just a Moment :: Twenty Nine

I have so many Just a Moment photos from the past few weeks that it's been really hard to narrow it down to just a few. Summer in London is such a magical time. Everyone is so happy, they're out and doing things, and there just seems to be a lot more laughter about. Wouldn't it be great if we could have summer all year? Or maybe just a longer summer and shorter winter, that way we would get to wear all those jumpers we love so much for at least a little bit.

But anyway, here are a few moments that have made me happy over the past few weeks:

1. This guy. Every moment. Of every day. Adam doesn't feature much on the blog because he's pretty camera shy - but he's around, being his usual lovely self with the late-night omelet making and giving me lots of help lately with photo taking. 

2. Getting to spend lots of time with one of my most favourite of all people lately. You know those kind of friends who just make you feel great about everything, who bring out the best in you, and you never have to pretend to be anyone else but yourself with? That's Tania

3. Lots of countryside breaks lately. Making it a priority to get out of the city, even for just an hour, does so much good. I'm really loving taking photos in more natural settings lately and I have so many stored up to share with you soon.

4. Chatting to the amazing makers and doers in my local market. I've been buying my candles from Earl of East London for months now and they have curated such a wonderful collection of stuff - there isn't anything in that shop I wouldn't happily bring home with me. But these days I'm mostly in love with their handmade scents. 

5. Taking Molly out of the city. She loves it as much as Adam and I do, especially when there's a pond around in which to practice her new swimming skills - and I really think she's a country dog at heart. In fact, I really think we're a country family at heart.

6. Nonna's gelato in Broadway Market, I haven't ever seen them before last weekend but their gelato is really good! I wish they would just set up a permanent gelato or ice cream shop in the market, one that stayed open late in the evenings where we could walk to after dinner with Molly. That would just be perfection.





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