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Life Lately, July Edition.

I'm typing this out on my phone, flopped on a bed with the windows wide open and the sunshine streaming in. Rosie and Jason got married yesterday and it was so beautiful, and for the rest of the weekend we will be lazing around in a quiet village, doing nothing in particular and sleeping a lot.

These posts are quickly becoming my favourite to write – they feel like a long chat with a friend about what I’ve been up to and just how life is going lately. Sometimes there just isn’t any big news, good or bad, and life is just being lived in those quiet moments, the ones in-between work and play that make you really appreciate how great everything is.

Every one of these posts I want to be accompanied with photos of wandering through fields of wheat, or corn or even just a wild meadow. If I lived anywhere near a field, believe me those would be the only photos you would ever get to see – they are so much fun to photograph in!

July has been a funny month. At the beginning I dropped into a bit of a sleepy fog. I didn’t feel like doing much of anything, not even blogging, and I spent a lot of time on Pinterest or reading books and taking a vacation of sorts. It was kind of nice actually! I feel a lot more excited anticipation for life now, and I’m more positive about the future all for having had a break. Part of my zombie-like state had a lot to do with some uncertainty and doubt about what I’m capable of.

Sometimes I wonder though, what we would be capable of if self-doubt didn't exist? What thoughts would we come up with if our minds were never occupied with insecurities. It's amazing to think about really, what we could do in life if we just got out of our own way. 

But mostly July has brought some pretty wonderful things with it. Beautiful sunny days, a few days off work spent reading and working on some projects, lots of trips out of the city. Lots of naps, iced coffees, more pizza than I care to admit, sleeping with the window open at night, waking up with the sun, and just a general sense of wellbeing that always comes with summer time.

How has July been treating you?  





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