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kenya part four - diani beach

so when we finally made it to diani beach, looking shattered but happy, on kenya's south east coast we were in need of some serious relaxing time...

... and i really don't think there is anywhere better in the world to relax. i have never been to such a beautiful place in all my life! we could not get our bikinis on fast enough before we ran half crazed with excitement into the ocean.

we stayed in a little cottage that lead right down to the beach and it was all over white, just like a beach house should be. there is something about sleeping somewhere with white sheets, a mosquito net and a ceiling fan - I just find it so relaxing. oh, and these beach cottages come with your own personal maid and cook by the way...

monkeys were a hazard, they ran across the tin roof and stole stuff every chance they got - there was one point that they would have grabbed my iphone if eve hadn't been brave enough to snatch it first. instead they ran away with our bag of macadamia nuts.

early every morning we would wake up to fisherman taking advantage of the cool temperatures to get their catch in before the day started to heat up. eve is a vegetarian and sara jane is allergic to fish, so believe me when i say i ate enough fresh fish out of the ocean to compensate for their lack of indulgence.

the fisherman would show up at our back door with a basket full of everything from fresh fish to shrimps and squid. as a seafood lover i pretty much had to pinch myself to make sure i wasn't in heaven - something we all did a lot on this holiday. the guy in the apron is mike, he was our cook and really sweet because he was so shy and a little confused by us i think.

notice to bandaged toe? poor eve wounded herself. her toenail got... dislodged, shall we say... and ended up with a rather nasty infection. we ended up in a clinic with eve having the nail removed under local anaesthetic. sara jane and eve were very brave, i cried. but i REALLY can't stand needles, and someone had to! 

sara jane was the subject of the photo shoot this time because really i don't think there is any better place to take photos for updating her



we made a lot of animal friends on this holiday, the most memorable i think was bandito, the kenyan kitten. he was quite the character, practically demanding half of my fish every night and then to be petted until he fell asleep. but watch out for petting him when he's not in the mood, he'll bite you - not hard though, he was really very sweet. we were sad to leave him behind and i gave him one extra fish dinner before we left. our cook, mike, thought we were nuts. oh, and p.s., mike was totally handsome.

and geckos were everywhere - sadly bandito thought dead ones made pretty good thank you presents for all the fish he was given. it was pretty gross.

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