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This dog was trying to mummy these piglets so much, she kept on attempting to herd them and groom them and keep them away from other animals and people. You can see from her face that she looks so worried about them, I think she thought she was their mum - or she just wanted to eat them, one or the other...

I've gone a little overboard with animal cuddling and photographs on this trip (I promise next week I will blog about other things) - I'm afraid I may have fleas (joking! I hope). So far I have managed to cuddle with a kitten, a foal, a couple of pit bulls, about a million horses, a baby cow, and a swarm of children. The children were a surprise because usually kids avoid me, I think they can sense my fear, but today they were following me around asking for hugs. It was actually kind of nice, until they started asking me for money or one of my cameras, cheeky buggers.

Home Again

Such a Kind Face