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Just Like Those Old Summer Nights

Saturday night took me back to when I was about 15, spending summers at the cottage, around a camp fire, making s’mores and talking nonsense. And maybe it’s still spring and not quite summer, but it felt just the same – all that was missing was a lake and a few mosquitos. My hair smells like wood smoke still and I’m not even a little bit sad about that...

Tania, Adam and I drove out of the city and headed to Rosie and Jason's house for a wine and cheese night that we had been planning for weeks. Rosie and Jason have just bought a fire pit for their garden so it kind of turned into a wine, cheese and s'mores night - and I was put in charge of marshmallows. 

Did you know that the marshmallows you can buy here are not even a little bit like the ones you can buy in Canada and America? I mean, the texture is mostly the same but the taste is completely different - and guys (in the UK)? I'm sorry to say you're missing out. Maybe it's just me, and maybe I'm a little nuts because no one else seems to know what I'm talking about, but I went to the American section of the super market to buy the big 'ol imported marshmallows because nothing else would do. And for the record, I also think Canadian eggs taste different to the ones in the UK. 

Anyway, marshmallow rant aside, we spent the most wonderful evening around the fire, making s'mores with chocolate digestives, drinking wine and having some of the most hilarious chat you can imagine. I suppose when you've been friends for a certain amount of time, "too much information" turns into just, well, information. So what seems normal chat for Rosie, Tania and I, gained more than a few eye-rolls and cringes from Adam and Jason - who I sadly missed out of these photos :(  

But I think they secretly love it because after a while they were joining in too! They just like to pretend that they're all mature, but we know better.

*photo of Adam and I by Rosie

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