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The Downs

It's absolutely necessary, when you live in a city, to escape every once in a while. Rent a little cottage, stock up on lots of tea and books, and just leave all that city stress behind. And that's exactly what this weekend was for. 

Adam and I found a little cottage (Airbnb, always) in a small Sussex town and made ourselves at home the moment we flopped through the door. We were pretty exhausted from dancing the night away at Rosie's wedding and couldn't wait to get our relax on - bath, PJ's, bed.

We met up with friends (Tania, Lizzie and Michael) staying just a field or two away for drinks, we at bacon sandwiches, had a pub lunch or two, and fell asleep on the sofa several times before attempting the drive back to London. 

It's only when we get away from the city, away from distraction and away from  the constant comings and goings of every day life, that we actually get a chance to come home to ourselves. To think about our life, see it from a birds eye view, and make sure we're doing what makes us happy.





Have I ever told you.

Life Lately, July Edition.