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The secret to having it all is knowing you already do.

I wish I could press re-set on this weekend and do the whole thing over again from start to finish. It was just about perfect in every way – dinner with friends, brunch at the Market Cafe, flowers, skype dates, watching movies and doing nothing. Adam made me grilled cheese sandwiches and I made a delicious tomato soup last night. All in all it was pretty great – apart from one thing, not enough sleep!

I have some big photography projects coming up and lately I have been dreaming that I forget how to use my camera. On Sunday morning I woke up from that same dream and wandered out into the garden with a cup of tea to clear my head. The weather this weekend was just so wonderful and the sunshine worked beautifully to brush away the bad dreams, and Molly sat by my side to keep me company.

It feels like this week is the last week before the rest of spring and then summer starts to fly by, like I’m just about to jump on one of those moving pavements at the airport but it’s going a million miles an hour and before I know it I’ll have arrived at Christmas again. Isn’t it scary how quickly life can fly by? I’m exciting for all the upcoming trips and adventures, and I can’t wait to post about them!

But part of me always loves a simple catch up like this. Just a quiet weekend with the people I love, in a part of the world I love most. Soon I’ll be on a plane and working working working, editing, working, worrying, car time, screen time, waiting then rushing. It’s all highs and lows, feeling on top of the world and then having a crisis of confidence. There’s very little consistency and not much peace in living a fast paced life – unless of course you make your own peace.

It’s a lifelong project for us all I guess, finding some peace. And we already have it! I mean, it’s there within us all the time, but sometimes it just takes a little time in a quiet place to clear away enough clutter to get to it.

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