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The Sunday

This summer has been so full of travel, but it makes coming home that much more exciting. After many long flights, trying to sleep sitting up and making do with airport food, I have dreamed about the perfect lazy Sunday at home so many times. Here's what it looks like...

My life lately seems to be revolving more and more around work, but I guess that's what happens when you do what you love - you never want to stop! But more work doesn't equal good work. 

My brain is 100 times more productive if I just give everything up once in a while and decide that, if I can't cuddle it in bed, it's not getting any attention, not this Sunday at least. The perfect Sunday means indulging in all my favourite things - yoga, reading, sleep, over-eating and Netflix.

Sometimes it's nice to have fun with friends, take a walk in the woods, go for a drink, catch a movie... but sometimes you just have to put the camera down, order a pizza, overdose on Lindt and ignore your phone. 

Sundays really are the best, aren't they?

Top, Spiritual Gangster : Leggings, lululemon : Yoga Mat, Manduka eKO superlite : Sheets, Muji






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