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Traveling Light

I think I'm getting pretty good at packing lately! I used to work off a very detailed packing list, but these days I'm carrying less and less, and narrowing down my in-hand travel bag to the bare essentials.


When you love your job, it can mean you never stop working. It's easy for me to lose time in editing photos, writing posts, planning shoots, researching locations. And I think we're all guilty of knowing that we should get up and get moving, make healthier choices and spend less time in front of the computer, but it's so much easier said than done.

Thats why when I travel I make sure I pack enough to get my work done, but also pack those all important items for making sure I can make some healthy choices without having to think about it too much.

So I have figured out how to fit an entire work station, gym, some entertainment and some rehydration all in one bag.


Including but not limited to...

- 1tb hard drive

- camera and phone charger

- compact flash

- back up camera battery

- lipstick

- iphone (packed with audiobooks + music)

- notbeook (for awesome ideas)

- keys

- travel yoga mat

- camera

- mini Harrogate Spring Water bottles

- leather tote

- book and In Clover magazine

- perfume

- lip cream

hand cream

- perfume

- sunglasses 

- makeup bag

- macbook





This post was written in collaboration with Harrogate Spring Water

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