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You'll find me at the lake.

I wish I had enough photos to post about our time in Canada all year round. I'm a little sad that this is my last post about the cottage, and that we only managed to be there for one week when I don't think one month would have been enough.

For all of September I don't have one single flight to catch! I'm happy to have so much time at home as I have so many projects that have been waiting for my attention for far too long. I'm almost as excited for a month of life admin as I am for our next trip! Almost.

But considering the next time we catch a flight we will be making our way to Hawaii, I don't think I could be much more excited about anything else. 

This chilly London weather does make me wish for that wood burning stove up there though. It makes me miss my long swims in the lake and then warming up in a big jumper afterwards. I still refuse to believe that this strange weather means the end of summer, but the fact that I'm wearing my coat indoors doesn't give me a lot of hope.

Still though, the changing of the seasons is a beautiful thing and I'm always excited for the wonderful things that colder weather often brings with it.





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