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come on mother nature, get it together!

i am so cold. all the time. we had a few sunny days here but over the past week and a bit it's just been freezing cold and windy and raining. i'm ready for summer, or some warm spring weather at least! 

what it looks like outside this morning... 
makes me think I want to be back here...

last summer adam and i were up at his family cottage in northern ontario, and it was so hot. can't-sleep, lake-water-feels-like-bath-water, can't-even-eat-hot-food kind of hot. and i loved it.
i love this place. 

when i'm pulling the winter hats out of the cupboard instead of the lovely spring skirts who are now feeling awfully neglected and a little resentful at being ignored, i wonder how much longer i can go when my body temperature seems to be maintaining a level which is a lot lower than is natural.

i went to the doctor the other day and he said my blood pressure is very low - i'm sure it has something to do with the cold, i'm sure my pulse is slowing down and i'm entering a state of perpetual sleep. like an iguana in a refrigerator. i bet i'm turning into an iguana...

not what you would expect

i think i need to take a moment