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a moroccan themed dinner party

on saturday adam and i made dinner for our friends lauren and jonathan. lauren works at harrods and managed to bring us a present of some ladurée macaroons, which i absolutely love love love! so i'm glad that we put in a real effort in making dinner for them. they had us over for dinner over a year ago and this is the first time we have been able to return the invite because it is the first time we have had a proper kitchen, in a proper flat with enough furniture, plates, knifes and forks to go around since we started living together. it's a real step i think, and even more of a reason to pull out all the stops...

we had lamb tagine with dates and couscous, home made hummus, baba ganoush, and a few bits of baclava for desert (no i didn't make those...).

adam also had a wee bit of an accident with the hand blender, see the splatter marks on his top? they were also all over me and all over the cupboards too...

everyone loves a pretty hair day

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