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not what you would expect

last night adam and i met our friend darcy and her boyfriend christian at our favourite little notting hill pub, the churchill arms. it was a special occasion because christian has just moved to london from australia so that he and darcy can be together (romantic, or what?!?). darcy is working for the olympics, so when thats over who knows what they'll do, but for now they're around for us to have fun hangouts with in random places in london. 

and the churchill arms is definitely random. it is named for winston churchill, but it's secretly...

a thai food restaurant/botanical garden! ok, so it's not really a botanical garden but it does have more plants than i've ever seen indoors, that's for sure. one half of it is old fashioned english pub with a funny collection of local people who always seem to be there and a really big collection of old bedpans hanging from the ceiling, and the other half seems to be a privately run thai food restaurant where they go out of their way to make you believe you are actually in thailand by making it just a little bit tropical.

also, the food is really really good. and you better believe that when they say a dish is spicy, it really is spicy. 

don't darcy and christian look so happy together? she's been waiting for him for a long time and i had to fight off the urge to pinch him to make sure he is real...

i've done it again.

come on mother nature, get it together!