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Promise by Ben Howard on Grooveshark

i'm a grumpus today, but this song is helping...

you know those days where the world just seems to rub you the wrong way? where everything seems so harsh and everyone seems so rough - where every encounter throughout the day leaves you feeling a little bit traumatised? that was my day today.

at times like this i feel like clamming up and keeping myself to myself. i want to be an island, i don't want to have to interact with other people because sometimes i think i'm simply not good at it. 

but then i remember that everyone has these problems. and adam always tells me that as long as you feel like you are doing the right thing, and you believe in what you say and do, and you stick to your guns, then you don't have to worry so much. 

sometimes i think that we are all just on autopilot so much that we forget to take a look at what we do and how we act, and to think if we are really doing ourselves justice. are our words and actions really representing us in such a way that would make us proud? sometimes i feel like i don't make myself proud in this way, it probably means i need to be a bit more mindful. 

but because no one likes a grumpus, i went on pinterest and looked for some things that make me happy so that i could write down a few things to cheer myself up:

i would like a giraffe in my house one day

i really like this top, maybe i will try knitting one like it one day

this is what i like to think i will look like taking pictures out of a truck on safari in kenya, i know its not a reality but a girl can dream

i always find flowers cheer me up

can you even imagine if there was such a thing, how glorious it would be

its pictures like this that remind me why i wake up every morning. i need to start riding again, it has been too long and i don't think my brain functions as well as it used to because i am not riding every day.

this picture reminds me of my mum - she spends hours picking out the prettiest coloured eggs.

sometimes all that is needed is a day in bed with a good book and a cup of tea.

and this is to remind me that sometimes its alright to stick to your guns too, even if everyone around you is telling you your wrong, sometimes you just have to be honest and to be brave.

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