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while we're talking about the good old days...

i really do wish that we still spoke like this - the queen's english. i just love it!

my accent is a little dumb. having lived in a few countries and moved around a lot from an impressionable age, i've picked up a funny way of speaking that causes people to ask if i'm american, irish, south african... scottish? none of the above... i'm pretty sure i just sound canadian, but others sometimes disagree.

for example...

i'll let you in on a little secret. when i was younger my grandfather made me go to elocution lessons. not because i had difficulty pronouncing my r's or a fondness for the letter w, it was because my accent was so messed up that it drove him crazy just to hear me speak. i don't think it is or was that bad, but he's eccentric and it's best to indulge him. so i went along to try to learn the queen's english, reciting tongue twisters and all that, and i really wish i had taken it seriously because if i could sound like the guy in the video below i would be so happy.
or evah sew heppy.

a visit to spuntino

god save the queen on her diamond jubilee