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Wooooooooooo! - as in that noise you make when you go over a big dip on a roller coaster...

Plummeting out of control down a hill is kind of what my life is feeling like at the moment - there's so much happening all at once, and before I know it I'm going to blink and it'll be the New Year. 

It's all very exciting and I'm loving every minute of it, it's all good suff - but like on a roller coaster, there are times where I wish I could pull on an emergency break and just take a moment to breathe and remind myself that I'm meant to be enjoying what's happening.

But instead of running around with my arms flailing in a blind panic like Kermit the Frog would, I'm just going to try really hard to be excited and "of course I can manage" about it all - because some of these experiences I want to be able to look back on having enjoyed them, not with a feeling of panic.

I'm aiming more for sitting back and enjoying the ride rather than being a back-seat driver in this situation - let's see how it works out...

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